Classes & Courses

The Aswanley cross country has been going for 20 years, originally designed and built by Tom and Pam Ingleby. Since the year 2000, the course has been run under British Eventing affiliation, the highest spec you can get in the sport, and has benefited from the expertise of a range of course designers: Rob McSkimming, Ronald Alexander, Tim Hadaway and Hugh Lochore.

Class Novice ONU18 BE100/Op/U18 BE90/RF BE80(T)
Dressage test N112 N114 BE106 BE95 BE95
Show Jumping 1.10m 1.10m 1.0m 0.90m 0.85m
Cross Country 1.10m 1.10m 1.0m 0.90m 0.80m


Aswanley Horse Trials Starting Times:

Available on Thursday 31 August from 1800 and 2000 on 01738880245. Starting times are also available www.bdwp.co.uk/asw/

Aswanley’s courses are predominantly pasture and excellent going, making full use of natural ground: streams, banks and ditches, with fast galloping stretches beside the River Deveron. BE100 course suitable for young horses. Novice full length with alternatives at difficult fences. BE90 , unparalled education for youngsters with water, encouraging a gradual build-up of confidence. New BE80(T) course where riders can learn to cross the open country boldly on a well- constructed course including two walk in water obstacles.

The Aswanley cross-country course is fantastic with plenty of challenging, natural ditches and water – the perfect place where young horses and riders can learn to progress to the top.

Ian Stark OBE, five times Olympian