Wedding FAQS

If you would like an outdoor wedding, getting married in Scotland gives you choice …

Scottish Law allows couples to get married virtually anywhere as long as the ceremony is conducted by a religious official, registrar or recognised humanistic celebrant. The most popular place at Aswanley is on the lawn in front of the Sixteenth Century fortified house. Of course, Scottish weather is known for it’s unpredictability, so having the fireplace room in the barn as a backup gives many people peace of mind!

When is the balance payment due?

The balance is due 3 months before the wedding. Aswanley will send you the balance invoice a few weeks prior to this. It can either be paid by bank transfer or by cheque.

When do I need to confirm my drinks requirements by?

Aswanley require confirmation of wine and reception/toast drinks required 3 weeks before your wedding. This will be invoiced, to be paid in advance of the wedding. Any unopened bottles will be credited into stock and you will be refunded.

Can I supply my own drinks?

Yes you can supply your own wine and champagne. Corkage is currently £9 per bottle. Aswanley will require confirmation of numbers of bottles to be brought in. No beers or spirits are allowed to be brought in.

When can I have access to the venue to set up?

If there is no event the day before your wedding, access for clients to arrange personalised details to venue is on the day before the wedding 10am to 5pm only. If there is an event on the day before your wedding, Aswanley will ensure that your personalised details are put in place on the morning of your wedding (within reason). Caterers should have your table plan details and your florist should be instructed that setup is on the Saturday morning. A day will be arranged should you wish to do a mock set up or rehearsal in the week leading up to your wedding.

What are the measurements of the rectangular tables?

Each table is 4ft by 2ft6inches (2ft 5.5 inches to the ground).

What are the dimensions of the dining room and ballroom?

The carpeted dining area measures 24ft x 67ft. The ballroom measures 31ft x 67ft.

Do you provide linen?

Aswanley do not provide tablecloths or napkins. These can usually be supplied by your caterer.

Do you allow confetti?

Confetti is allowed as long as it is bio degradable and only used outdoors.

Do you allow fireworks?

We do allow fireworks although we are limited to 3 displays per year at a charge of £200. Aswanley must be notified three months in advance which company you are using. We require that the company provide a qualified technician and have Public Liability Insurance.

What time does the venue shut?

The bar shuts at 12.30am. Everyone, including the band, should have left the steading by 1am.

When can I collect my belongings after the wedding, for example any decorations?

Personal items can be collected the day after the wedding between 9am- 12.30pm. Our cleaning staff will have gathered most of it into one area to make collection easier. Anything hung from the rafters or on the wheels will need to be taken down by yourselves.