Roe deer stalking

Roe deer stalking is an excellent and exciting way to explore the Highlands of Scotland. Roe deer Stalking outings at Aswanley sporting estate are organised in the early mornings and evenings, accompanied by an experienced guide and 4WD vehicle.

Steve Wright manages the deer stalking at Aswanley. He is an experienced and knowledgable stalking guide, who was brought up in the North East. He can arrange outings to suit every level of expertise, and is only too happy to show beginners the basics of roe deer stalking. He speaks some French, Spanish, Danish (and a little German) if this would be helpful. He was featured in The Vice Channels’ Munchies guide to Scotland, where he helps the presenter Charlet Duboc stalk her first roe deer.

Roe deer stalking can be done as part of a larger hunting package. For those with a good reserve of stamina, the daytime can be spent with a rod on the River Deveron. Or you can take up the ‘McNab’ challenge and also try for a grouse on the moor. A McNab is the name given to feat of the hunting guest having successfully stalked, shot and landed a stag, grouse and salmon, in the case of a ‘Highland McNab’, or a roebuck, woodpigeon and sea-trout in the case of a ‘Summer McNab’.

Aswanley sporting estate in Aberdeenshire is blessed with the rich diversity of game species where a summer McNab may be achieved, which usually is a ‘Red letter day’ in any true sportsman or woman’s hunting memoir. These hunting trips, along with use of high seats for observation, offer a fantastic opportunity to discover the wildlife of Scotland and the scenic Grampian Highlands.

Vice’s Munchies Guide to Scotland featured deer stalking at Aswanley:

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