Venue Dressing

At Aswanley we are entirely flexible; you can style the venue as much or as little as you wish. The neutral colour scheme and natural materials provide the perfect backdrop for a range of styles: 


The barn’s interior reflects the surrounding area through the use of locally sourced materials – oak, stone, tweed and the work of local artisans; Evelyn Pottie screenprints, paintings by Maggie Williams and cast iron chandeliers crafted by the local blacksmith.

The fairy lights along the dining room rafters create a magical atmosphere and you are welcome to use candles and tea lights on the tables. The ballroom is the ultimate space for a ceilidh. It has a stage at one end which you can decorate as you wish.


The barn is full of character. It has been carefully renovated into a contemporary space, while retaining many elements of the old farmyard charm. The colour scheme is neutral, with warm earthy tones from the pine beams, floors and doors.


There has been a dwelling at Aswanley since the Fourteenth Century. Around 1640, Aswanley was ‘modernised’ into an L shaped garret tower house with an arched gateway leading to a courtyard. The surrounding gardens are informal and magical, with mature trees, a pond, fountain, well and apple orchard. The grounds are extensive and full of interesting features, from a wild flower bank to an old railway carriage next to the river and an abandoned school pavilion.

The barn was built in 1890. Once used to house all the workings of a Highland farm, the barn’s interior aesthetic now mixes antique furniture with contemporary design to tell the story of the building and place.

Colour Pop

The juxtaposition between traditional and modern – the natural materials of the oak bar, stone fireplace and pine beams and doors combined with bright modern colours – is sensational.